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After appearing on about 100 episodes of other people’s podcasts, I finally up and made my own. It’s called ZenMadman Presents, and the first episode is very short. I imagine most of the early episodes will be very short. For now it consists of me reading some of my old bits of rather odd fiction and playing some snippets of some songs I recorded back in the day. In the future, who knows?

Here’s the thing I made. It’s currently available none of the places you can find podcasts, but eventually it will be. I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone what to read, watch, or listen to, but I also wouldn’t say this was written for general audiences. Anyway, here it is:


“The Target” is a story I wrote back in 2011, and it’s part of ZenMadman’s Flash Fiction Folio (2012), which you can buy it here.

“It Won’t Rain For You” is the second song on a three-song disc I recorded with Villain’s Lament back in 2011. I don’t think the track is available for purchase anywhere, but I may rectify that sooner or later and for now you can listen to the full song on YouTube: