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I play poker for a living. I have for the better part of the last 2.5 decades. That’s a while. You could say that I’m a poker player, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But I can’t say that it feels like a core part of who I am. It’s something I enjoy, something I’m good at, and something that is profitable.

I am a writer. Perhaps you can’t tell from the quality of this post, hacked out hours past my current bedtime, but it is a core part of who I am. It’s something that’s always a part of me, whether I’m actively doing it or not. I haven’t been writing a lot over the past few years. I haven’t been publishing anything. It’s time to rectify that.

I am also a student and a teacher. These feel inextricably linked within me. I’ve never been the sort of teacher who just wants to spout information and wait for a student to absorb it, then spit it back out. That actually sounds really gross. For me, learning and teaching has always been about a search for truth, or at least knowledge and perspective, and the acquisition of skill. These are all related and worthy of a deeper dive, but not tonight. Or not this morning.

The upshot of all this is that I am writing and teaching again. I will have more details on that very soon. Perhaps later this morning when this morning no longer feels like last night. I will still be playing poker and learning about poker, but I’ll also be writing about poker and teaching poker. I’ll also be writing about a good number of other things. Or a bad, much too large number. It’s all perspective.