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Things have been not the easiest lately. A few months ago I (probably) pinched a nerve, developed a massive crap in my right shoulder, and stopped being able to properly use my right arm.

Fortunately, I’ve always been somewhere between ambidextrous and mixed-handed – there are things I mostly do with my right hand, things I mostly do with my left, and things I comfortably switch back and forth with. I suppose there are also a lot of things I do with neither hand, but that’s hardly relevant.

Unfortunately, there are lots of things, like typing, that are substantially easier with two hands. Anyway, I’ve started doing pretty much all the things left-handed now, though my condition seems to be finally improving.

Over the next couple months, I’ll be trying to fix up this website with a bunch of the things I’ve written and recorded in the past, then gradually start adding some new stuff as I create it. Some people say that lefties are more creative. That’s always sounded like a mix of superstition and stereotyping to me, but in a world where most stuff is made for righties, perhaps there’s some truth. Mothers, necessities, invention and all that.