“Where do you live?” It’s an odd question. I live wherever I am and nowhere that I am not. Of course, that’s not what people mean when they ask, “Where do you live?” They really mean, “Where do you keep your stuff?” Or, “What piece of property do you rent or own and consider your primary dwelling?” But they don’t ask that. They just ask, “Where do you live?”

For the purposes of opening a bank account, getting a driver license, registering a car, and voting, it’s useful to have an address that you call home. But that doesn’t make that place home. I used to feel like New York was my home. When I came back from vacation, or little league summer camp, or college, I always felt something in the energy of the city. Living right next to Times Square was part of this feeling, and leaving Manhattan to move to Queens in 2010 left me feeling like I wasn’t sure where home was. Leaving the United States to play online poker overseas in 2012 eradicated my sense of home as a geographical location.

I lived in Germany for a couple months, then Costa Rica for a few months, then Canada for a month, then the UK, Germany (again), and Sweden for a while longer. All of these places began to feel like home within a few days of moving there. I connected with some more than others, but home was becoming a more and more flexible notion. As James Hetfield melodically shouts, “Where I lay my head is home.”

So I’ve developed a sense of impermanence when it comes to the idea of living in a place. I’ll live here until I live there. And then I’ll live somewhere else, and then I suppose I’ll die somewhere. That part can wait. For now, I’m a vagabond, looking to live in a different place each month.

Oh, yeah. I’m also a vegan. You probably thought I’d talk more about that in this post. Hey, I did too. Anyway, I don’t eat meat or dairy or eggs or any other animal products. Once upon a time, finding vegan food on the road was really, really hard. Now it’s a piece of non-dairy cheesecake.

I love trying new restaurants, so I’m going to visit as many as I can afford during my travels as a poker hobo. All the restaurants will be vegetarian, and I’ll post pictures and reviews and whatnot. So check in here for reviews, thoughts, and anecdotes from this vegan vagabond.