I’ve been playing poker “seriously” for the better part of the last twenty years. I could share a charming story of what led me down this path, but for now I want to talk about the future, not the past.

Three and a half years ago, I moved to New Jersey to play on their newly-regulated online poker sites. (Wait…that’s the past. You said you were going to talk about the future. What’s up with the future?) What followed was a disappointment. I was hoping to play Limit Holdem, the game where I excelled in the post-UIGEA, pre-Black Friday poker world. Unfortunately, the terrible rake structure and lack of promotion led to a lack of profitable Limit Holdem games for me to play.

I spent a few years fiddling around with the online No Limit Holdem games in Jersey and made trips to some casinos for live poker action, but online poker failed to be a reason for me to stay in NJ. I wasn’t making much money and was having even less fun, so I packed up (or discarded) all my possessions and headed west.

Now I technically live in California, but it’s not exactly home. For the next little while, my plan is to travel the country with a bindle and a deck of cards, searching out the best live poker games and vegan restaurants while taking pictures and telling stories along the way. All right, I’m not an actual hobo and I don’t have a real bindle – just a car with a decent-sized trunk. But it’s gonna be fun nonetheless.

Join me here for tales of fortune and woe, adventure and discovery. I promise I won’t share too many bad beats … unless I’m the one handing them out.