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I join Matthew Fox and Ashley Coffin to chat about X-Men: Dark Phoenix on Superhero Ethics. Matthew wants to talk about the ethical ramifications of Charles’ actions, Magneto’s approach of mutant separatism, and some other ethics-related stuff. Ashley and I just wanna have fun chatting about the X-Men movies. In the end, we get a little from Column A and a little from Column B.

SPOILERS abound for probably all the X-Men movies, particularly Dark Phoenix. As a point of note, a little post-episode investigation into the timeline shows that Jean is 24 or 25 when the movie takes place, which makes Charles look even worse for not doing the thing he should have done. Is that vague enough? Go watch the movie and/or listen to the podcast or something.

Click the shiny play button below, or head over to Matthew’s website to listen to the podcast in its native, Ethical Panda habitat.

Listen to “Ep 122 – X-Men Dark Phoenix” on Spreaker.